Thursday, February 05, 2015

a hunting dog

Millie tends to have an affinity for small scraps of material. Generally any blanket/cushion/soft toy tends to get gradually chewed to pieces only for her to form an attachment to one tiny remnant. She alternately lies contentedly with the piece between her paws, chewing it further, or in her more active moments flips it around her head chasing it excitedly across the floor. Inevitably this second approach leads to it getting lost under chairs, behind doors or, as happened today as I worked from home, flung into the nearest open bag requiring an intense retrieval operation.


  1. Oh how cute! Meg, our yellow lab, routinely shreds all rubber and chew toys with her amazingly strong teeth, but she doesn't chew her cloth dollies. She has three, and carries them around the house, brings them over to show us, and lies with them between her paws. She has never had pups, and we occasionally wonder if these are a bit of a substitute.

    1. We have yet to find a toy that Millie doesn't eventually manage to shred! She definitely forms an attachment to them, she just dissects them thoroughly first! Love the idea of Meg with her dollies :) x