Sunday, February 01, 2015

365: week 5

Slight confession before this weeks photoset - some of these pictures are courtesy of The Husband! We shared the camera during the holiday and so on some days we had loads of pictures but none that I had taken. I hope that doesn't break the rules of the 365 project too much, and from next week they will all be mine again!

25. Our first views of the Sydney Opera House, as we travelled into the city, and then on to Manly Beach for fish and chips and a paddle in the sea.

26. Wearing my Aussie "thongs" for a big family celebration on Australia Day. There were flags, fireworks, a barbecue, vegemite, and green and gold jellies. A brilliant day despite the drizzle and fabulous to gather all the family together for the day.

27. The Harbour Bridge at night, after a brilliant trip to see Madama Butterfly at the Sydney Opera House. Our first ever visit to the opera, and what a place to watch it. 

28. My Gran's sister moved to Australia with her young family many years ago, and now we have a huge extended family out there. She is now in her late eighties, and a great lady with a brilliant personality. For our last family gathering of the trip, she made her infamous lamb hotpot, with a thick pastry crust. A little bit of home in the middle of a Sydney summer!

29. On the last night of our trip, The Husband, Grandad and I enjoyed a brilliant meal at the 360 restaurant at the Sydney Tower. Beautiful views of the incredible city as the sun went down and the lights came on, and delicious food as well.

30. The days get a little blurred here as we travelled between time zones from Sydney, to Hong Kong and then to Manchester. This was the ceiling at Hong Kong Airport as we sat, slightly dazed and travel weary, waiting for our connecting flight.

31. Home at last. To a newly decorated hall, stairs and landing, a spotless house, all the washing and ironing done, flowers in the hall, our broken toilet and car problems both fixed, Millie newly groomed and the bed freshly made. My parents are, quite simply, the best.


  1. Sounds like the most marvellous trip Katie! I have been in the revolving tower restaurant in Sydney, many years ago, and loved it, also Manly Beach by ferry. Sigh..... What a lovely home coming too! What a fab mum and dad to do all that for you whilst you were away X

    1. It was so lovely, we are looking forward to putting together a scrapbook and/or photo album once we have settled back to being home. It sounds like your trip was wonderful when you visited too! We are very lucky, they are wonderful parents!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful trip & what fantastic parents you have!!

    1. We did! And yes - they are indeed fantastic! Thank you for commenting :)