Sunday, November 30, 2014

mission complete

Hurrah for a month of posts. I'm under no illusions that they were particularly high quality posts, or that it amounted to anything other than a few lines about my day on most entries. However I'm glad to have kept it up. I have just seen something on twitter about a Blogmas challenge where there are 25 topics to post on in the run up to Christmas. I shall resist the urge to commit myself to that before I've even finished this one, as lovely as it would be to have a blog version of an advent calendar, it will be quite a relief to not feel the need to post every day.

I didn't relish having to write daily, especially after a late night or long train journey, and I was very conscious that it wasn't the most interesting content. In fact, according to bloglovin I managed to lose a subscriber in recent weeks which confirms my suspicions that it might not have been a riveting month of reading! I am very grateful for those of you that did comment, especially Penny of The Homemade Heart and Tess from driftwood. Their regular comments reassured me that there was someone out there reading it so thank you very much!

I won't be posting quite so regularly from now on but will try and keep it up more frequently. I still find the blogger app less than ideal to use (can't do hyperlinks, can't insert pictures from a URL, the font messes up, no spellcheck, etc etc) so I dislike blogging on the move which is when I am most likely to get the chance.

Having said that there are lots of things to write about, not least the wonderful evening we have just had at Breakout Manchester ( I would link if I could!), and an update on all the brilliant books I have read recently. So expect plenty more posts, although hopefully slightly less quantity and slightly more quality!


  1. Katie your posts were great, like a diary for November, and I really enjoyed reading and commenting. X

    1. thanks so much for all of your comments throughout, it was lovely to have a regular reader :) x