Friday, November 21, 2014

resistance training

There is nothing like your own bed, and seeing your husband and cuddling your dog, after a spell away from home. It is bittersweet as I already feel like the hours are ticking down until I leave again for another four days, but I will stop thinking about that for now.

One of the side effects of staying away from home is the food available, and it has been a test for my first week of trying to live more healthily. And, without sounding too smug, I've been pretty pleased with how I've got on. There is nothing quite like a hotel breakfast, particularly at the place I was at this week, there are pancakes and syrup, muffins, donuts, pain au chocolat, all manner of cooked breakfast, cereals, biscuits, pastries. 

I was also at an all day meeting today, the kind with lunch provided and rich chocolate desserts, tea and coffee breaks with trays of cakes and biscuits. Uncharacteristically for me I managed to resist temptation on all fronts. Ommelette, fruit and yoghurt at breakfast, coffee without a sweet treat at the break, lunch without the dessert. 

That's not to say I've been perfect, I've eaten out two nights this week, and on both occasions I ate what I wanted and enjoyed it. I'm feeling better overall though and also am starting to feel, particularly today, that I have made progress in overcoming my sugar cravings. I've been enjoying doing a quick daily yoga session via youtube too, and have been having the good kind of aches and pains that come from moving muscles that have been long out of use.

Apologies if this sounds in any way self righteous, I just feel that perhaps part of the motivation this week has been from writing out why I needed an overhaul, and what the health benefits would be. Now to sleep and enjoy a weekend of home comforts.


  1. enjoy a lovely weekend at home, well done for eating healthy whilst away x

  2. Not self righteous atall! You are just sharing your progress, and a huge well done for resisting all those sweet treats and rich foods X

    1. thank you for commenting, nice to revisit these posts now! x