Thursday, November 06, 2014

the week is just a blur

Writing something every day is tricky! I have only had about an hour at home this evening so I'm perhaps not feeling particularly inspired. I'm conscious of not just turning this into a daily journal but alas I am lacking ideas and it is late.

Today has been up and down. Ups include a wonderful hot stone massage, getting all of my work travel plans sorted for the next few weeks, and the prospect of working from home tomorrow. Downs include realising how many nights away from home I've got between now and Christmas, only getting in at 10pm, and opting for a takeaway which turned out to be a bad decision and spectacularly unappetising. 

Here is a classic Millie picture to fill the void, looking for all the world like she has just had a disappointing takeaway too. Tomorrow is Friday and we have a free weekend to plan our travels and enjoy some time together - it will be nice to spend longer than an hour with The Husband and holiday planning will be exciting indeed - especially now the visas and the insurance are sorted. On that happier note I will end the post and head for bed to dream of beaches and barbecues.


  1. I hope that things have been a little less busy for you since you wrote this. xx

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for all of your comments, lovely to have a new visitor! Things have settled down, think I was just in a grump and knew I needed to write a post :) it was a good excuse to use the picture of Millie though!