Friday, November 28, 2014

that friday feeling

Well the travel was worthwhile, a really interesting trip, and that is the best you can ask. It makes being away from home feel more justified. As lovely as it is to see new cities, I seem to have an ever growing list of places to go back and visit with The Husband so that I can properly explore.

It is so good to be home, better still to have had a brilliant night with family. There is a music quiz my parents' friends run twice a year and we spent the evening there. They said tonight they have been running it for seventeen years now and I think perhaps we have been going ever since it started. It has become a real family tradition and I always really look forward to it. We never manage to win but it is always great fun and a really relaxed night with family and friends. It's weird to think now that I have been going for nearly two thirds of my life. Long may it continue, maybe one day we might even win!


  1. Hi Katie, love your photo of the Scot Monument. Your family quiz sounds such good fun. We always do a Christmas quiz after Christmas dinner, put together by my husband X

    1. Thank you - it was a hastily grabbed picture as I dashed to the station! I love a good quiz, hope this year's Christmas quiz was a success x