Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Tonight The Husband is working away. It is odd having the house to myself. I have been for dinner at my parents (the joys of having them round the corner). I've decided to come and read in bed, an early night, pyjamas and a cup of tea. And of course Millie for company

Perhaps you may remember this post? Oh how long ago that seems now. How resolute we were, and determined not to give in. How naive of us. It is now a Sunday morning tradition to go and let her out, after which she follows us upstairs and curls up on the blanket  for a family lie in. So far tonight she has, in turn, brought up and on to the bed, a toy bone, her blanket, a toy stick, and now a toy hoop. She has just had a bonkers five minutes getting very confused by the sight of herself on my screen. I try to console myself with the thought that she won't be allowed to stay up here overnight, but I think it is clear that she has won game, set and match.

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  1. Dogs are such comfort seekers, they just love to cuddle, and it is SO hard to resist......! X

    1. She is so funny, Every evening she barks and mithers incessantly around our feet, the minute she is allowed to sit next to us on the sofa she curls up and falls asleep - hates to feel she isn't part of the pack! x