Tuesday, November 04, 2014

down the empty streets

One of the things that's changed with my new placement is the amount of walking I manage to do each day. The bonus of working in a city is that it feels far more acceptable to go out for a walk in my lunch hour and there's plenty to see as I wander around. In addition, it's amazing how much walking I clock up in the course of my commute. Home to the local station, then the city station to the office building, and then return legs at night, in total clocks up nearly three miles. It feels good to be up and about a bit more each day than going straight from sitting in the car to sitting at the desk.

Having said that, the commute can be fairly inconvenient. Even though the rail journey is less than half an hour, it ends up being around an hour door-to-door. I also have bad luck with trains, losing tickets, missing them, and in the first few weeks somehow kept misreading the national rail app and turning up for trains at the completely wrong time. All of the trains home are clustered around the same time, so five minutes difference in what time I finish work can mean an hour's difference in what time train I catch. Luckily today I dashed as fast as I could and made it just in time - which is always a good feeling! I'd also forgotten what a difference the weather makes when you don't drive from door to door, and there have been a few days of soggy shoes and damp feet.

Particularly when I do longer days, or it's pouring it down, The Husband (or Grandad, or Step-Dad) will often come and meet me at the station. It's just over half a mile but when you're cold and wet it can make all the difference to get home ten minutes early rather than trudge home feeling sorry for yourself. There is no lovelier sight than walking from the platform, emerging with the crowds of commuters, and seeing a familiar car with a familiar face sat in it and the heaters on when you climb in the door. Except perhaps, when The Husband decides against driving to meet me, and does what he did today, and walks down, so that I am greeted by both him and this familiar face:

I can honestly say there is nothing more guaranteed to make you forget instantly about work than stepping off the train to be greeted by that big-eared beagle, who always looks utterly delighted to see you again. There is no warmer welcome than standing at the station as she wags her tail and jumps around your feet as though you have been away for years. Even if it means another ten minutes before I'm home and getting warm, it was a great start to the evening, catching up on each other's day, walking home together with Millie bounding along between us.


  1. Commuting is such a complex experience. I agree about a doggy welcome, there's nothing quite like it! X

    1. it is - and it doesn't come naturally to me at all! I love train travel, but much prefer it when I can get a seat :) x