Sunday, November 16, 2014

what has been

This weekend there has been lots of little things ticked off. There has been shopping where we stocked up on healthier food and didn't spend the earth. There has been much in the way of better meals, more fruit, more vegetables, more effort admittedly, but for the most part more enjoyable.

There has been a trip to the Christmas markets, which always sound more festive than they really are, crowded with people and lots of expensive stalls, but still enjoyable, to see the lights and get into the spirit of the season. There has been a wonderful trip to the theatre, which was our real reason for heading into the city, seeing a fabulous production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Royal Exchange.

There has been tidying and cleaning and washing and general weekend jobs. There has been two long dog walks in the fields and woods, enjoying being out and getting moving. There has even been a brief spell of youtube yoga which I immediately loved and think will become a habit, particularly as it is a 30 day series I started doing. There has been a knock on effect from the walking and the good food in that I am taking better care of my skin and generally treating myself more kindly, taking off make up, lighting candles, doing my nails.

There has been home cooked dinners and grandad joined us tonight, followed up with an episode of grand designs where we both agreed that the house was incredible but that we would have done it differently, but then Grandad is a builder. There has been plans, slowly, slowly, developing for Australia but still nothing concrete yet, decisions to be made especially about Ayer's Rock, which may have to be left this time.

There has been lots done, knowing that I am away from home a lot this week, but also looking forward to dinner with a good friend tomorrow - a double date will be a nice end to a Monday. And now there will be sleep.