Sunday, November 23, 2014

lovely letters

I saw something on twitter the other day that inspired me to do something lovely, and I'm very glad it did. As part of their Christmas campaign, Marks and Spencers have been tweeting regularly through @thetwofairies and on Monday they suggested sending a spontaneous gift to a friend.

I saw the tweet as I was finishing work, and decided to do exactly that. I have two friends who are both working particularly hard at the moment, and I don't see either of them regularly purely because of distance. For all a text message lets them know I'm thinking of them, sometimes good old snail mail simply can't be beaten.

via thegreengables

I wanted to send them a surprise, but knew I was heading away with work, and so ventured to I've never used the site before, have you? I managed to find a little edible gift for them both, for just a few pounds, and even better I then discovered that personalised cards were free with any gift. I couldn't find many "just because" type cards, but got there eventually with a bit of searching, and dropped them both a line.

I've heard from them both since, saying how much it cheered up their day to get a parcel (although I hadn't thought through that having to queue in the post office was extra hassle they could have done without!), and what a surprise it had been. It was so great to have made them smile, albeit from a distance, for no other reason than because I wanted to let them know I was thinking of them. This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to recommend both the service at Moonpig, and more generally, the idea of a bit of spontaneous gift giving! As well as hopefully making their weeks a little brighter, it has made my week happier too. I have been really excited, knowing that they would soon be getting an unexpected surprise, and so happy to hear from them when their deliveries arrived.


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    1. thanks for your comments - sorry it has taken me so long to reply! x

  2. I love snail mail, and I think that idea is simply gorgeous X

    1. definitely one to repeat in 2015!