Sunday, April 06, 2014

sunday sense check

I had this idea for a post recently, in the hope of making it a regular feature. A quick google revealed it isn't by any means an original idea, but I'm going to pretend it is and carry on regardless! Let me know what you think, whether it works as a post, who knows if it proves popular I may even venture into a link-up one day, but that feels a bit ambitious for this evening!


I wasn't sure whether to make this about things I had seen or things I had watched. The only thing I recall watching this week was the last ever episode of Silk. Thoroughly enjoyed the series, but the end left me a bit cold. I can understand the need to not wrap all of the ends up neatly, but it felt a little too open.

Other things I have seen this week include the church where we got married, after we made a visit back to our venue today for a drive. It was lovely to go back, the first time since the wedding, and we were fortunate that it was unlocked. The flowers from a recent wedding were still in place, and we had a very similar floral arch, so we could stand and take in the surroundings, reminisce, and then walk down the aisle arm in arm singing The Wedding March at the top of our voices!


Ever since I heard this song on the radio I have had it in my head. I'd not heard of Gregory Porter before (although I have heard his songs!) but I think his voice on this is incredible.


I thought this might be a tricky one, but the barbecue I caught a whiff of while walking Millie made me realise Spring was well and truly underway!


Our first Hello Fresh delivery has been the basis of most of our meals this week. Whilst visiting our wedding venue we also enjoyed coffee and pastries in front of the roaring fire, freshly made vanilla slice for The Husband, warm churros and chocolate for me - the first time I'd had them, and lovely they were too.


A tricky one this, without getting massively introspective, like I have a tendency to! It has been a mixed week really, but right now, I'm feeling happy, and re-energised for a busy week ahead. It has been a brilliant weekend, a good mix of being productive and enjoying some lovely time with The Husband and Millie.


  1. it's a lovely idea, an end of week catch up. glad you had a lovely weekend

  2. I think sense checks are a great idea, it's nice to think about all we've experienced over a week. Those churros look great! x

    1. they were! thanks for visiting :)

  3. Going back to your wedding venue must be so fun! When the.boy and I went to go see our venue for the first time, we met quite a few people who just happened to be revisiting it after their wedding. That's the hallmark of a good venue, I think.

    1. it was lovely, such a special way to spend an afternoon!