Sunday, April 27, 2014

sunday sense check #4


We have been seeing lots of sunshine and blue skies this week, plenty of lovely, long walks with Millie. We are trying to get some longer walks in, and improve our pace, with the hope of starting to join in with our local parkrun in the next few months.


Not been listening to much music this week although I remember hearing Embrace's new single on the radio and enjoying it.


Not a pleasant one this week, but an unforgettable smell of sludge and mud after I stepped into a deceptively deep puddle whilst walking Millie.


We visited our wedding venue (again) and sat in the sunshine eating lovely sandwiches. The fresh salmon and homemade coleslaw was a perfect spring lunch.

Had our second Hello Fresh box delivered this week too, and enjoyed the chicken satay for dinner on Saturday night.


It has been an eventful weekend, as my mum was unexpectedly taken to hospital on Friday afternoon. Luckily she was discharged the same day, and although she was poorly, it wasn't felt to be anything serious. We're very relieved and Mum is already feeling much better, however it is still a shock for something like that to happen suddenly. We have had a quiet weekend since other than the spontaneous trip to our wedding venue for lunch, and we have been enjoying curling up in front of the tv and pottering around the house.

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