Saturday, April 12, 2014

Project 365: 96 - 102

96. Tulips on the kitchen table in the middle of a lovely Saturday. Watching retro tv programmes with mugs of tea, brunch at a nearby cafe, a (little) win on the Grand National, a clean tidy house and a box set night to round it off.

97. Coffee and churros on a trip back to our wedding venue.

98. Revisiting a book I studied in school as part of Alex's Blogging Good Read for May.

99. Having enjoyed meeting up with my friend so much last week, we made arrangements to do it again soon, with the third member of our trio. Another lovely night, and beautiful to walk through the city in the sunshine.

100. A night out with The Husband to watch Elbow in Manchester. A brilliant night, not a great photo but I hate watching gigs through the lens of a camera! Also celeb-spotted Bill Turnbull sitting behind us but resisted the urge to sneak a picture!

101. Beautiful white flowers in the bedroom, which have been making getting up for work much more bearable.

102. Rainbow-coloured lunch for a Friday treat at work.


  1. A great read john steinbeck. Lovely flowers.

    1. yes I'd forgotten how good it was!! thanks for commenting.