Sunday, April 20, 2014

sunday sense check #3


The Husband and I went to watch the cinema screening of Richard II with David Tennant. Neither of us had seen or read it before so it was good to enjoy something new. We've also enjoyed watching the new series of Great British Menu which started last week.

One thing we didn't see was the play we had tickets for yesterday. After a wonderful afternoon with the family we returned home to get ready for an evening at the theatre, only for The Husband to lift out the tickets and realise they were actually for the matinee. We were pretty disappointed, so set out to walk Millie in the sunshine (including finding our first ever geocache at the beautiful spot below) and then headed to a country pub for a drink, a snack, and exciting chats about our plans for the house this year.


After a long day at work this week I was feeling a bit low - I can't even think now what about. What I can remember is that I found an album The Husband bought me for Christmas in the car, put it on full blast all the way home, and by the time I pulled up I was feeling much better. It was great to take a trip down musical memory lane and sing along with songs that remind me of being a teenager - this one included.


We headed to the beach for the morning on Good Friday, it was great to smell the sea air as we clambered up and down the sand dunes.

I asked The Husband to pick something for me to bake over the Easter weekend, anticipating a light, possibly citrus-based, cake perfect for spring. Instead he presented me with the recipe for a sachertorte, and so the house today has been filled with the scent of rich, dark chocolate.


We took a simple picnic to the beach, coffee, sandwiches and crisps that The Husband had put together in the picnic basket we got as a wedding gift. It is always lovely to make use of it, even if we did sit on a fence and eat out of the boot of the car!

We followed up the picnic with a trip to the ice-cream van. Felt very old when we realised that the '99s we used to get as children have now doubled in price to £2 each! Emptied the sand out of our shoes as we finished our flakes after a lovely few hours enjoying the sunshine.


A slight sugar rush between the Easter eggs and licking the bowl from the sachertorte! Also feel incredibly happy when I realise we still have another day off tomorrow, and after cleaning and baking today, it will be a day for long walks with the dog and a lovely lamb dinner.


  1. what a wonderful reflection on your week, I am in love with your picnic basket

    1. it is pretty isn't it! I love this time of year when we get to use it. I wondered if it might be one of those things that sits in the cupboard but we have managed to take it out a good few times now. thank you for commenting :)

  2. Your photos really capture all that you've been up to, with the bright sun and shadows, and the swirl of chocolate. It sounds like you've been busy - I hope you enjoyed your day of relaxing yesterday. x

    1. thank you for visiting! Easter seems so long away now, so I'm glad I have the pictures to remind me. Hope you are well, thank you for visiting x

  3. Lovely photographs! I particularly like the one of the sand dunes, what a perfect blue sky! The sachertorte looks divine! I have never made a sachertorte, perhaps I should......

    1. thank you! I have a recipe post coming later in the week if you can wait that long?! It is very rich but it lasts well, although it doesn't last long.