Sunday, April 13, 2014

sunday sense check #2


Lots of things this week. Seeing lovely friends for dinner. Seeing Elbow in concert. Seeing the brilliant production of Much Ado About Nothing at the Royal Exchange.


I have had the new Elbow album on repeat in the car - and mostly this song which I adored from first listen. They had live brass musicians on stage during the gig too which was wonderful.


As we got back from walking the dog the aroma of baking hit me after I had spent some time this morning making a cake. It was lovely to come home to such a comforting smell.


There has been a feast of flavours this week. Tapas with friends on Tuesday. Sushi before the concert on Wednesday. Rainbow coloured teriyaki rolls for lunch on Friday. A cheeseboard with Mum for a Friday night film.

Dinner out before the play last night. Today it was time for simpler fare with homemade celery and stilton soup for lunch followed by some biscuits The Husband rustled up as I washed the dishes.


Relaxed. I had a wonderful massage in the week, and we have had a peaceful day today pottering around the house. There is some cleaning to be done this evening, but it has been nice to sit quietly for a few hours and enjoy being still. I thought I would be exhausted after such a busy week, but it has been busy in the best kind of way.


  1. Hi Katie, I like this week's entry, +what an obliging husband you have who makes biscuits! I am crosseyed when I think what biscuits made by my husband would look/taste like! Did you have a blog before this one? Looking back thru your archives I see this blog is quite new, and I wondered if you had previous experience? I am always interested in new bloggers as I am one myself and it can be helpful to share the ups and downs!

    1. Hi Penny - glad you liked it and hope you are making a speedy recovery. I wasn't sure what we would end up with because he decided to improvise a recipe but we managed to polish them off pretty quickly so they were clearly a success! I started blogging just less than a year ago, and you can find my previous blog here

      still a fairly new blogger though!