Sunday, April 27, 2014

Project 365: 110 - 116

110. Took the dog for a walk in the evening. We had been due to go to the theatre but when we came to leave realised our tickets had been for the matinee so we had missed the show. Then on the walk with Millie I was picking my way through the mud - the puddle was a lot deeper than it looked, much to The Husband's amusement as I then hopped home beside him. Headed out to a country pub (after a change of shoes) and thoroughly enjoyed an evening spent chatting and , so all was not lost.

111. Some Easter baking in the form of a Sachertorte. I consider using a manual whisk part of the pre-emptive calorie burning in advance of eating any cakes I make!

112. We took an extension lead out on the dog walk, and Millie made full use of it, disappearing off into the long grass either side of the path. Loved seeing the white tip of her tail above the grass like a tour guide holding their umbrella up to follow.

113. Another dog walk, and after heavy rain there were snails out everywhere we walked. I spotted this stripy shell amongst the greenery.

114. These white tulips have been bringing calm to the bedroom, and so far they seem to be staying upright. I have them on my dressing table, and they make getting up and ready for work in the mornings (slightly) less painful!

115. An I forgot to take a picture day I'm afraid, so here is my work bag packed and positioned by the door ready for the ritual mad dash in the morning.

116. Finally, the Friday night calm. The Husband recently put up this canvas which he bought me for our first anniversary. The picture is one I took at Niagara Falls on honeymoon, and I love finally having a picture up in the room.

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  1. Some great photos. I love the dog in the long grass and the snail. I also really like that whisk photo it all looks so soft and yummy and inviting! #365

    1. thanks for visiting and for such lovely comments. I think the snail is my favourite so I'm glad somebody else likes it!