Sunday, August 23, 2015

project 365: week 34

As with last week, quite a few of this week's images have also been for the #31DaysofPaper and #AugustBreak2015 daily photo projects I have been joining in with over on Instagram, so a few of them may be familiar!

228. This notebook was the inspiration for the #31DaysofPaper project, as the prompt was "pretty". This notebook lives in our hall table, and is most often used for shopping lists.

229. This was the first of The Husband's two batches of biscotti this week. He isn't a fan of dried fruit (or any fruit!), so they look a bit monochromatic, but they were a lovely flavour.

230. Visiting Grandad's house for dinner, and these beautiful gladioli were on the table. You can't quite make it out in the picture, but they were in a teal vase which made the red stand out beautifully.

231. Another #31DaysofPaper photo. The prompt was "old" and after some searching, we think this collection of poems we bought in Oxfam is the oldest book we own, there is an inscription inside that shows it was given as a Christmas gift in 1891, a year after it was published.

232. After a struggle to find a photo for #AugustBreak2015 when the prompt was "two" inspiration came in the form of our bedside clock.

233. I had an attempt at baking the baguettes from Great British Bake Off. As you can see, they weren't the most uniform collection, but they tasted quite good! The full post will be coming before Wednesday!

234. We went out to test-drive a car, having narrowed it down to a few possible options. We ended up being quite near the venue we had for our wedding, and so we popped in for a late lunch. This mini fish and chips was a perfect portion, and tasted lovely.


  1. oh now I really really want fish and chips xxx

  2. lots of yummy looking food on the blog, hope you enjoyed it all

    1. thanks chickenruby, I have a habit of taking food photos!

  3. Ivebeen loving your paper and baking pics :) Teal and red are so lovely together!

  4. The biscotti and baguettes look delicious!! xx