Sunday, August 02, 2015

project 365: week 31

207. Sunday night and it was time to pack for my last work trip to London, after a lovely day with Grandad having Sunday lunch and scones.

108. A little uninspired, up late preparing a presentation and room service for dinner.

109. Despite all the trips to London, this was the first time I went through Regent's Park, and I immediately wished I'd visited more while I had the chance - isn't it always the way!

110. Home and The Husband and I somehow found ourselves sat on the bedroom floor, looking on the internet and snuggled under a favourite blanket. 

111. Out for dinner with friends, and I swear these ribs are bigger than the girl who ordered them! She didn't quite manage to finish them, unsurprisingly.

112. On a less than successful run with Millie, this was her second toilet stop so I decided to snap the scenery, I love watching these fields change with the seasons.

113. And here she is, my beautiful running buddy following me around the house yesterday. We have had a much more successful run tonight I am pleased to say, and lots of cuddles this weekend while I have been stuck inside working.


  1. we often find we end up sitting on the floor and leave the sofas empty

    1. glad its not just us! thanks for visiting x

  2. Ooooh the food! Those ribs!! *drools* Love the look of your runs and your running buddy looks the part :)

    1. thank you! and thanks for visiting x