Sunday, October 25, 2015

project 365: week 43

291. We went for a Sunday afternoon walk with Millie and had a lovely time, watching the canal boats on one side and a sailing competition on the other.

292. Monday evening was spent at art class, learning some new watercolour techniques.

293. Cuddles with our beautiful beagle.

294. Mine and The Husband's childhood teddies.

295. Coffee and cherry pie for an afternoon treat.

296. We went out for a meal with my parents after visiting my grandad in the hospital and passed by a power station, which looked fairly foreboding in the dark.

297. Pink roses on the kitchen windowsill.


  1. cherry pie. yum. I hope your grandad is ok xxx

  2. Lovely pictures, Katie. I love your one of your beagle, he is so sweet. I hope your grandpa is okay. xx

  3. Bless at keeping the childhood teddies. Love cherries, but one fruit I cannot even eat cooked, apparently related to the birch tree family which I have a major issue with.
    Surprised there are no lights on the towers at the power station, the ones at the BP plant are lit up like Blackpool.
    Hubby has always fancied watercolour painting, they say there is an artist in every one of us. Look forward to seeing some of your results

  4. how fab you and hubby still have your childhood teddies and they look very similar