Sunday, October 25, 2015

word of the week #43

Lots of lovely visits this week. Last Saturday I visited the shop where we bought the bridesmaid dresses for our wedding, to try on a bridesmaid dress for one of my close friends who is getting married next year. She is the second one of my bridesmaids to use the shop for their bridesmaid dresses, so it has become somewhat of a tradition to visit there in recent years.

This week I have been out and about on a few days for work, visiting different people, and also the place where I will be moving for my next placement in a few weeks. I will be sad to move on from the current place as I am enjoying it a lot, but the new team seem very welcoming and it is closer to home which will be nice.

This weekend has been filled with visits. Lots of visits to my Grandad who had his other knee replaced on Friday, in what feels like hardly any time since he had the first one done! He is making a fabulous recovery so far, and is hopefully due home tomorrow. I've also managed to see two lovely friends this weekend. Yesterday morning I popped to see a friend and we spent the morning chatting over coffee and biscuits. Then today another friend and her husband called in for a few hours, and we spent the afternoon chatting over tea and biscuits. A lovely weekend all round, I hope yours was too.


  1. that does sound like a lovely biscuit filled weekend xxx

  2. That's a fab word, with so many lovely visits. That sounds like a lovely tradition for you and your friends as bridesmaids x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Wow, you have done some visiting! All sounds very lovely...especially the biscuits! Glad to hear your Grandad is doing well. My dad is waiting for his other knee to be done and recovered very well from the first, they must be made of tough stuff! Wishing you a happy week xx