Sunday, October 04, 2015

project 365: week 39

A week late with posting these, so apologies for the back-to-back posts tonight, I am just catching up! 

263. I did actually bake the tennis cake over a week ago (as you might be able to guess from the picture the net was problematic!). The cake was beautiful, and I will get the posts up here eventually - how long can I get away with blaming my tardiness on jet lag I wonder!

264. A slightly random picture taken as I walked home from my parent's house, and then I forgot to take any others, hence lots of overprocessing to try and make it look arty! I'm not altogether sure it worked.

265. This poorly puppy at the vets just before she got admitted. That face was very hard to leave behind, some tears were shed.

266. Pottering about at home, waiting to hear news on Millie, and trying to get ready for the surprise trip to New York, roses in the kitchen were a pretty distraction.

267. Our first taste of the iconic city that is New York, yellow taxi cabs queued up outside JFK.

268. Friday night wandering through the city, and the Rockerfeller centre lighting up the skyline.

269. This was The Husband's choice of breakfast to start his 30th birthday celebrations! A classic American diner, and a mammoth portion. We were up before dawn, and wandered down the street watching the sky lighten after breakfast, which was a good job as it gave us plenty of time to get our appetite back in time for our tasting menu lunch later in the day!


  1. I am wildly impressed with your tennis cake!! I agree with your husbands choice of birthday breakfast, seems like a good birthday breakfast to me! xx

    1. thanks Amy! The tennis cake will be going up tomorrow, it was a lovely recipe for fruit cake xx

  2. Tennis cake looks amazing, you have done a great job there. I would have that breakfast too! (apart from the sausage! ) X