Sunday, October 18, 2015

project 365: week 42

284. We had a lovely hour at Crosby beach, wandering amongst the statues that form Antony Gormley's art installation. This is the first proper trip we took Millie on, back when she was a newly rescued puppy, and it was lovely to take her back there, more than 2 years later. There was something soothing about being by the sea, walking along the shore as the tide went out, and enjoying the peace.

285. In between a few meetings I worked from home for an hour, and Millie managed to wrap herself up in my blanket as I worked. As it was my first day back in work I was glad I had the chance to see this face, it was a lot tougher this week with that sense of suddenly life just carrying on, I wasn't ready for that somehow.

286. I've been racing through the books this week, all of them have been really gripping reads. I wasn't sure what I would think of this, as I have seen mixed reviews, but I couldn't get through it fast enough! I didn't find any of the characters particularly likeable, and I had worked out a lot of the plot twists quite early on, but for me neither of those detracted from it, I found it a great plot and it does make you think of the commute slightly differently!

287. As suggested by my Word of the Week, there has been a lot of baking here. After a low day in work I decided to make some oat and sultana cookies. I enjoyed making them, but think perhaps I overbaked them a little as they had caught on the bottom, so no recipe for those any time soon. The Husband decided to bake biscuits too (he doesn't like cinnamon or sultanas so mine we a no go), and he decided that we were having a biscuit party. It was a nice way to end a rubbish day.

288. Not that we have been finding comfort in food at all! Thursday night and we had potato cakes and tea for a late supper. I never manage to make them taste quite as good as my grandad does though!

289. We made our own naan breads on Friday, and we were very excited with our results! Having lifted some curry from the freezer on Thursday we decided to make our own naan bread to go along with it. The Husband got home from work before me and made the dough (a good way to use up some nigella seeds from the GBBO pitta breads!), then I fried them up once I was home, and they puffed up miraculously into naan breads.

290. The Husband made some (more!) biscuits on Saturday, and they were very nice indeed, especially with hot chocolate. I've been feeling very Autumnal this weekend.


  1. Nothing quite like a walk by the sea, so glad it did you good. Isn't Millie just so cute xx

  2. I love a walk on the beach, and much more so at this time of year, glad it blew away a few cobwebs for you.
    Lots of biscuit making this week, a least this way you know what is in them.
    It is getting autumnal so hot choc is nice to have

  3. I love Nigella seeds in pitta and naans and homemade are the best! You can't beat a walk on the beach and what a gorgeous dog you have in Millie. Hope you have no more rubbish days this week x

  4. I've heard lots of good reviews about Girl on a train, I've bought a copy but am delaying reading it, just incase it isn't as good as the reviewers say