Sunday, October 04, 2015

project 365: week 40

270. A shot of the smoke rising over the streets, with the skyscrapers behind as we walked through New York.

271. We spent our last day taking an early morning ferry to Staten Island, followed by a walk down Fifth Avenue, and the most incredible meal of our lives at Jean-Georges restaurant near Central Park. I was worried that the last day would be a bit of an anticlimax as we waited for our evening flight, but this turned out to be the perfect end to the trip.

272. Home and lovely to see our parents, and Millie recovering too. She was very settled at their house, having firmly established herself in front of the fire!

273. The photos go a little downhill, as I'm afraid it's a series of bedtime shots now - a rather uninspired bunch after the holiday pictures!

274. I bought this book at the airport, but didn't actually read it on holiday. I got stuck in on the commute this week and it is already finished, completely gripping!

275. The old, make it black and white to try and make it look interesting photograph! We were supposed to travel to Cambridge for the weekend for a friend's 30th, but decided to only travel on the Saturday morning instead, and I was very grateful for the extra night at home.

276. This waffle felt more like an NYC portion than a Cambridge one! Wandering around the city centre in the afternoon we came across a market, and couldn't resist tucking into a waffle from one of the stalls, even if there was a bit of a sugar rush afterwards.


  1. Wow, that waffle is crazy isn't it! Bet it was tasty though! xx

    1. it was such a good waffle! I felt a bit embarrassed when he first dished it up, but I soon got over it! x

  2. Agh, I'm a little bit envious of your NYC trip - I had planned to go for my 40th next year but can't see it happening. Love the top picture of the NY street and that waffle?! Woah!

    1. We really enjoyed it, and packed a lot in to a few days, felt like a really long trip though we were only there four nights. I hope you manage a trip at some point! thanks for visiting xx