Wednesday, April 15, 2015

adventures before thirty - part 2

So, following on from this post, it is now exactly 300 days before I turn 30, and my list is complete.

1. Run a 5k race

This is booked and paid for ready for early June, the training is underway.

2. Go camping

A few days after we got engaged The Husband and I went to a festival and camped in a tent. Since then, the specially bought tent and sleeping bags have remained unused, and I would like this to change.

3. Attend a class to learn a new skill

We really enjoyed our Italian lessons, and also noticed in Brussels this weekend how much difference it made that we didn't know a little French compared with our trips to Milan and Sicily. I'm not sure if I would like to learn another language, improve my photography, or a completely new craft altogether.

4. Plant a vegetable patch

I've been wanting to do this for years, and hopefully this summer I will finally get around to it.

5. Clear out our 'junk' room and put up some pictures

We have done really well over the last few years, and with much help from our family, to get our house decorated how we want it. There is one bedroom that remains unfinished and filled with piles of things that don't yet have a home, and plenty of rooms without pictures on the walls. If we can rectify these two things, the whole house will really feel like home.

6. Read 5 classic books

I'm going to pick some all-time classics that I have never read and dive in.

7. Go to the beach

I do love to be beside the seaside, so I'd like to make a trip there soon.

8. Learn basic car maintenance

I would like to feel that I could change a tyre, lift the bonnet, check my oil, replace my windscreen wash, all those things I am ashamed to admit I rely on The Husband or my step-dad to do for me, some basic proficiency is much needed!

9. Volunteer locally

The Husband has recently had the opportunity to do some volunteering through a scheme at his office, and I would like the chance to do something similar.

10. Visit a new city

I don't know that we will definitely get the chance to go to a new country before I turn 30, but I would hope that we can manage to explore a new city!

11. Run a 10k race

Another one that is booked and paid for, it seems such a long distance compared to the meagre amounts I am managing at the moment, I would be thrilled to achieve this eventually.

12. Try a new food

I'm not a particularly fussy eater but I don't often try completely new things any more.

13. Bake 5 different types of bread

Despite this post I have never attempted to bake bread since, I'd like to change that.

14. Buy some new glasses and a new purse

My current pair of glasses slide off my face at the slightest opportunity, and I have owned my current purse for about ten years and it is looking a little tired. I make use of these things on a daily basis and it would be nice to update them.

15. Go stargazing with our telescope

One of our wedding gifts was a telescope, and The Husband and I have always been interested in astronomy. After some incredible sights on our holiday in Australia, I'd like to get out into the country, away from the light pollution, and make proper use of our gift.

16. Watch 5 classic films

Like number 6, I want to pick 5 must-watch films and finally see them.

17. Reach a healthy weight

I am determined not to enter my thirties weighing more than is healthy. This is probably the toughest one on the list, it is something I have struggled with for many years, but it is perfectly achievable in the time available. 

18. Get up at 6am every day for a month

I feel much better getting up early, but find it too easy to sleep in given the option. I'm hoping forcing myself to stick with it will eventually make it a habit.

19. Climb a mountain

Something I have never done, and won't be easy, but I would like to! My step-dad has always enjoyed walking and hill-climbing, and I'd love to share the experience with him.

20. Have a fondue

Another wedding gift we have yet to use. I just haven't decided on cheese or chocolate!

21. Skim a stone

A skill I have never mastered, and considering it is on the National Trust list of things to do before you are 11 and 3/4 it is about time I did.

22. See 5 live shows

We are really enjoying going and seeing the National Theatre live cinema screenings, but I also hope to fit in a few more live theatre productions and gigs over the coming months.

23. Fly a kite

I have some great memories of happy hours spent with The Husband flying our kite, but we haven't done it for several years.

24. Vote

Another one I am ashamed to admit, but I have never voted before, citing ignorance of politics as a reason. With the general election looming, I am determined to be an informed participant in the process.

25. Be a tourist at home

We have often said that it would be great to visit the cities near our home and do all of the tourist activities, I might even buy us some guidebooks.

26. Have a spa day with my mum

At our meal out recently, it was lovely to spend some time with just my mum, doing something special. We both have a long-standing love for a bit of pampering, but I can't remember the last time we went to a spa together.

27. Go orienteering

I think I last had a go at orienteering in junior school, and I've always fancied giving it a "proper" go. 

28. Surprise 10 people randomly

After doing this on a smaller scale, over the next 10 months I'd like to brighten up the days of friends and family out of the blue.

29. Take a roadtrip with The Husband

We really enjoyed the roadtrip part of our Australia trip, it was a great way to see new places and we both thought we would like to do it again soon, possibly in the UK, with Millie too.

30. Have a party

We don't often have gatherings at our house, other than Christmas it is very rare for us to have people round apart from one or two friends at a time. It would be great to feel like our home was a place where we made great memories with our friends and family, and at some point I'd like to throw a party, perhaps even a 30th birthday one!


  1. fabulous list. chocolate fondue wins hands down for me.... x

    1. thank you Tess - I took your advice to think up some fun ones! I'd go chocolate - The Husband would go cheese, maybe one of each (though perhaps different nights), and it might not help with #17.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Amy! now to get cracking with it :)

  3. Inspiring list! I would like to try baking some different varieties of bread too. I use my bread maker fairly often, but I suppose that's cheating. The chocolate fondue wins for me too ;)

  4. Brilliant list Katie, good luck with everything (especially the running! ) x

  5. Thanks Penny!! I was out this morning after a pause during our trip to Brussels. Really didn't want to go but felt so much better about half way round. Getting there very slowly :) hope yours is still going well and you are having a good weekend x