Sunday, September 06, 2015

word of the week #36

After a number of weeks looking into replacing The Husband's car, this week we finally got to the stage of buying one. We have changed our mind lots of times about the style of car, but knew we wanted something with plenty of space to accommodate Millie, and all of our luggage, so that we can do lots more road trips in the future.

Having had a few cars that we were looking at get sold, we have, as is always the way, ended up with a car that, for us, is even better than the ones we we originally planning on buying. The model we have bought had a few added extras put in by the first owners, so it has a few toys that make it feel a little more special, and I am particularly excited about the heated seats, which I have kept permanently turned on since we drove it away.

From putting a deposit down on Monday, and many hours of work from The Husband trying to sort out new insurance, and the transfer of our other car, after a few difficulties with the insurance company, we went and picked it up yesterday. We are thrilled with it, it feels like a major purchase and I'm so glad we didn't rush in earlier as we have ended up with very different car to the ones we first considered, and I much prefer the one we finally bought. It was lovely waking up this morning and seeing it on the drive, and we keep finding excuses to go out to places just to give it another go. After nipping out this evening we decided to have a meander through the countryside, listening to music and chatting, and it was a lovely way to end the weekend.

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