Sunday, September 13, 2015

project 365: week 37

259. Although not initially feeling my best after the superhero party the night before, Sunday turned into a lovely day. There was breakfast with friends, who kindly provided the bacon sandwiches, and cuddles with their baby - the perfect antidote to the morning after the night before. There was baking of pitta breads, and a visit to see my Grandad, where this beautiful rose was one of the many growing in his garden.

260. On a trip across to Cumbria with work, and one of my colleagues very kindly drove us, which meant I could sit and enjoy the beautiful views. The heather was a glorious purple, and I'm even more excited about the holiday cottage we have booked in the Lake District in December now.

261. The superman t-shirt The Husband bought as part of his Clark Kent outfit is now in regular use. It made me giggle seeing it discarded in the bedroom, like a behind-the-scenes look at superhero life!

262. Another I-nearly-forgot day, this lampshades have had plenty of screen time this last twelve months, as one of my go-to shots last thing at night.

263. This lovely lady hasn't been on here for a while it seems. She is as beautiful as ever, although I wonder if she knew in this picture that she had the vets the next day, she looks like she might! The Husband took her for her booster injections, and apparently she looked so scared the vet gave her lots of treats, I think she might cotton onto that one for future visits!

264. Here's the beautiful roses my Grandad got me, aren't they a fabulous shade. When my mum gave me her bunch today, I had a bright orange t-shirt on, and looked wonderfully co-ordinated as I walked home with them!

265. This picture was the best of a bad bunch, as The Husband helpfully photobombed all of the others I tried to take, you'd never guess he was turning 30 in a matter of weeks! A great family night out for dinner and a brass band concert, with The Husband, Mum, Mal and Grandad. It was a really fun evening, and the city was looking particularly beautiful in the sunshine. 


  1. Lovely photos. What a shame Millie doesn't like the vet, Meg loves going! No matter what they do to her she just loves it! X

    1. the vet is also at the rescue centre where we got her from, and I sometimes wonder how much she remembers it. xx

  2. looks like a fab week with family and friends