Sunday, July 12, 2015

project 365: week 28

186. Gathered some roses from the garden to put in the kitchen. Loved this one, reminded me of Alice in Wonderland where the roses were painted red, looks like someone has been spraying it a different colour. 

187. A new book to start the week, making the commute much more enjoyable having this in my bag.

188. Walking to the train station with a colleague, couldn't resist taking a quick snap of this, looming directly ahead.

189. Travelling home from London, doing crosswords and enjoying the views.

190. Almost forgot to take a photo, so this is The Husband and I playing the Eggheads game online!

191. The road trip begins. Setting off, music on, beagle curled up in my lap, The Husband driving, for our holiday in Scotland.

192. I adored Melrose Abbey, the architecture, the history and the glorious light. Fabulous place to spend a few hours, dog friendly and a really interesting audio guide. Although this is a phone picture it was lovely to get the proper camera out too, for the first time in ages, and have a play.

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