Sunday, March 09, 2014

Project 365: 61-67

Today has been the busiest of busy in a lovely, productive way. The final item on my to-do list for today was to write my 365 post, and so, although my muscles ache from the excess of housework and ironing, and although the brand new matching bedding and freshly ironed pyjamas are waiting, I am first going to sit, in our finally finished study, and write. 

Transitioning to a new blog a few weeks in to project 365 has scuppered me somewhat, but I am not going to let that stop me from carrying on with something I have enjoyed so much.

61. I shared this last week, part of the Sunday brunch The Husband and I enjoyed as part of our weekend away. I fell in love with mini milk urn.

62. I think perhaps my concentration was waning a little towards the end of our Italian lesson on Monday, as I decided to give my coffee cup a little alteration. It was worth it just to watch The Husband try and stifle his laughter when I showed it to him. Put us in a classroom and we seem to regress back to childhood a little too easily.

63. Beautiful flowers from my lovely Mum brightening up the kitchen table.

64.  This caught my eye as it was back to front compared to all of the other signs on the platform, where the writing was facing towards the station, rather than this one which faced towards the train.

65. After getting in late from the second day of the conference, The Husband suggested we have a go at making pain au chocolat from the packet we had in the fridge. 

66. I won a pair of free tickets to The Manchester Theatre Awards through a competition The Royal Exchange ran on twitter. Here's the Rock Choir singing as everyone took to their seats, we had a thoroughly wonderful afternoon. My highlight was Ray Fearon winning best supporting actor for the Manchester International Festival production of Macbeth. We saw a live cinema screening of the show, and despite it starring Kenneth Branagh (who won best actor) and Alex Kingston, it was the incredibly moving portrayal of Macduff that stole the show for me.

67. I had been to London on Tuesday and we missed out on pancakes, so Saturday morning provided the perfect opportunity to have them for breakfast instead.


  1. It's always a good time to have pancakes. home made pan au chocolate sounds rather interesting. #project365

    1. thanks for visiting! We plan to have more pancakes soon - it was a lovely weekend treat.

  2. your afternoon in Manchester sounds amazing, and well done on the win. I have tried those pain au chocolat once, hubby really liked them. Had a real good laugh at your drawing on the coffee cup.

    1. thanks for stopping by the new blog - it was a lovely afternoon, and glad my drawing made you giggle - its good to be silly sometimes!