Sunday, March 02, 2014

been for breakfast

It has been a lovely weekend. After a late night catching up with The Husband's friends, we still managed to get up and checked out of the hotel relatively early, resisting the urge to lie in until just before the 12pm checkout time. Instead we were packed and took the brief walk across the water (via a bridge you understand, no miracles involved) to the town centre. The Premier Inn we chose, mostly on the basis of it having a £29 room and free parking, was in a brilliant location, and had fabulous service from every member of staff we came across. The sea breeze was bracing as we walked in search of breakfast.

And my what a breakfast we found. Having wandered past the usual suspects of coffee shops and chain restaurants, we spotted McCoys. I remembered it from previous visits, but couldn't think we had ever actually eaten there, and the taxi driver last night who was telling us all about how he didn't like eating out in restaurants had included this amongst the list of places that he would agree to eat at. With such a ringing endorsement we ventured in, got a cosy seat right by the log fire, and tucked in to one of the best breakfasts we have had in a long while.

Extra black pudding, white toast and poached egg for The Husband, an extra bubble and squeak cake, scrambled egg and wholemeal toast (all about the healthy) for me. We did the dance of the married couple, as I donated my mushroom to The Husband's plate whilst he transferred his tomatoes over to mine. Everything was beautifully cooked, and it was lovely to spend an hour chatting in front of the fire, and enjoying a leisurely morning.

After a wander through the town, it was back through the breeze, where newspapers were blown against the side of the bridge, the strong sideways wind holding them in place, so it looked as though they had been plastered there, posters of the front pages.

I read in the car on the way home, I have very nearly finished my book, but am saving the last few pages for bedtime. It has been a brilliant read, and it is taking all of my willpower not to race to the end. We called in to see family, drank tea and shared stories of our weekends, and now home. Fire on, Millie curled up at our feet, while I catch up with blogs and The Husband plays a computer game. Winding down before the week begins again.

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