Sunday, May 17, 2015

project 365: week 20

130. Millie's second birthday involved party hats, a new bone and a trip to a dog show.

131. Lots of seeds for planting in our new vegetable patch.

132. Millie helping me recover from a run. She didn't come with me on this one but looked exhausted in sympathy.

133. Dark chocolate with sea salt is one of my favourite treats.

134. Not my fastest pace, but the first time in as long as I can remember that I ran for 10 minutes without stopping (twice). I keep getting despondent about my slow pace, and wasn't going to use this picture but then I realised what a key milestone it was and decided to see the positive!

135. Beautiful two-tone tulips.

136. Think Millie was entering into competition with the panda Easter egg for who could pull the funniest face.


  1. Happy birthday Millie! She is a sweet dog - that last photo is hilarious :)

    1. thanks Kim! She's a funny little puppy that's for sure! x

  2. Sweet! We give Meg gifts on her birthday too. Don't be despondent about your running, you are doing so brilliantly! 10minutes without stopping, twice, is a lot! Be proud! X

    1. Thanks Penny! Glad we are not the only ones to buy doggy presents! My running is still slow but determined, still not convinced I'll manage 5k in 2 weeks time but we will see! x