Sunday, November 01, 2015

first things first

The first of November. Can you believe it? I'm finding it difficult to comprehend, especially when my parents' garden is full of beautiful blooms like those above, and we still have a final rose flowering in our own. On one hand the year seems to have flown, and then I think back to Australia, and this time last year, and it suddenly feels much longer than twelve months ago.

The first full day of being a brunette. After getting my hair cut very short, and dyed brown (having always been a natural blonde), I'm still shocked each time I see my reflection. I'm a bit unsure if I'll mange to style it decently for work tomorrow, I'm quickly realising short hair can look very fluffy very easily, or at least mine can!

The first run in two months, to visit my Grandad. It was stop and start, but I turned off all my audio prompts, just listened to music with no clue how fast I was going or how long I was taking, walking when I needed to, and it didn't go half badly. Slower than before, which I was expecting, but not by much, and it was lovely to be out.

The first six in the morning start in a while. I've been aiming for a month of early starts as one of my things to do before thirty, and I am rapidly running out of months! This morning I did some cooking, including a chicken stew for supper (which we dropped at Grandad's earlier in the day - I didn't run with a casserole dish!), and some yoga, another first for a while, and then The Husband and I enjoyed breakfast together.

Tomorrow is the first day back in work after the weekend, which as usual has felt far too brief. However, we have tickets to see a show, so that is something nice to look forward to, and November is full of small treats and little trips, so here's to a month enjoying good times in good company, and the start of the countdown towards the festive season. I love this time of year, and I hope you have a good month too.

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  1. Yes Katie, it is hard to believe it is already November!! Where have the months gone?? Pleased to hear you have managed a run, although glad it was minus the casserole dish {that did make me laugh!}. It is so nice to have little things to look forward to, what show are you going to? My husband and I are off to Lincoln for a night next weekend with good friends, can't wait! Wishing you a happy week xx