Sunday, May 04, 2014

sunday sense check #5


Have been seeing my family today, for my uncle's retirement party, including my beautiful nephew who keeps everyone enthralled with his gorgeous smile.

Have continued to see lots of the great outdoors, with regular walks with Millie. According to MapMyWalk I did over 10 miles in the four walks I tracked last week. I'm finding it a great motivator to see how it adds up over the course of the week.

I didn't end up seeing the NT Live screening of King Lear, which I was pretty disappointed about, especially reading the wonderful feedback on twitter after. I had a ticket, but ended up very late home from a course I was on, and so didn't get there.  I'm crossing my fingers for an encore screening soon.

The Great British Menu has been keeping me entertained on television, it is one of the few series I watch regularly. So on Friday night I curled up in the kitchen with Millie and watched the week's episodes back to back. The Husband and I bought the box set of The Mentalist at the start of the year, after dipping in and out of it on tv and really enjoying it. We are up to season five, and have been devouring it, but have slowed it down a little now, as we realise season six is still being aired so we would have to wait to buy it. Apparently there is no decision yet as to whether they will commission season seven, but I really hope they do, I'm thoroughly enjoying it (and Simon Baker helps obviously!).


Again, nothing specific this week, but I have had the radio on lots this weekend. With it just being Millie and I in the house while The Husband is away I've had it on full blast in the kitchen. I was listening to Dermot O'Leary's show from last week on catch-up, just to hear Elbow in session. It was lovely to hear this favourite from a while back, and I thought this track he played was gorgeous, will definitely be keeping an ear out for more from this group.


I'm finding this one the hardest this week, nothing notably sticks out. I have a fig scented candle which is on my dressing table and I light it while I get ready for bed. It's not a fragrance I would have picked up myself, I got it as a gift, but I associate it now with winding down and switching off. The nights when I take the time to light it, take off my make up, write in my diary, always leave me feeling soothed. It's never more than ten minutes, but its a really relaxing habit I've got into this year.


We had another Hello Fresh box and I cooked duck at home for the first time. It came out really well, and The Husband declared that he liked apples (this is a first in our twelve year relationship). I enjoyed the lentils with it, which is something I wouldn't know where to start with normally.

The cod with capers was another dish from the box, and it was good, although the lemon and caper sauce wasn't as strong as I expected, so in fact most of the flavour came from the cous cous and vegetables. I've started to re-use some of the recipes too, and have definitely found that I'm being inspired to make different things, or add a few fresh herbs to the shopping basket to liven up our usual dishes. I'm planning on recreating the pork with sage butter at home this week, and doing some home made potato salad to go with it, inspired by cathryn's delicious looking post.


Thankful for the three-day weekend. Life feels so much more balanced with the extra day off! I have managed to achieve lots this weekend and it has been quite nice having the house to myself for a day or so while The Husband has been on a stag do. Millie and I have been having a girly weekend, and lots of the things that were feeling like they were building up earlier in the week are now progressing and getting sorted, so I'm feeling much cheerier. Besides, its easy to feel positive when this puppy is around.

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