Wednesday, May 10, 2017

wonderful wednesday #10

It's time for another look at some loveliness from the past week, and it's been a great one.

Marvellous Millie: That gorgeous little hound turns 4 years old today. We have celebrated with sunbathing in the garden and a trip to the park for a meet up with my friends, their children, and most crucially their dog who is Millie's playmate of old. They had a happy reunion, and I'm sure there will be treats for tea later too. She's such a wonderful companion, and has coped so well with the turmoil of a baby brother in the house. All she ever wants is company and cuddles (food obviously goes without saying), and I do enjoy the fact that now T has a more predictable bed time, we can have a couple of hours curled up with her just like the good old days.

Sunshine: It has been glorious here, although that has made me realise that I urgently need to purchase some suncream in order to be a responsible parent. The weather makes such a difference though, I've been walking T everywhere, and it feels so good to get out and about.

Cooking: The book I chose for this month's Cookery Calendar Challenge is proving to be a real success, I've already made three recipes from it and am planning a few more before I have to return it to the library! Everything I've made has turned out really well, and it has felt really good to be in the kitchen and making some more unusual dishes.

Getting Muddy: I took part in a Race for Life Pretty Muddy event over the weekend. I signed up on a whim, and then completely forgot about it. I was chatting with my mum's neighbour about starting going running with her daughter, we have grown up together over the years, and our two families are incredibly close. I suddenly realised the race was this weekend, got in touch to see if she fancied joining me, and three days later we found ourselves scrambling through cargo nets, bouncing on space hoppers, sliding down inflatables, and crawling through mud, mud and more mud, in the glorious sunshine. It was brilliant fun, all the better for having company, and felt like a real achievement. My family all came along to cheer us round (and take some brilliant pictures), and we are already thinking about doing a 10k one in June. My legs have been aching, and I've bruises everywhere, but I still get a huge grin whenever I think about it.

Impromptu Visits: The Husband's best friend from uni got in touch out of the blue to see if we were around. He lives a long distance away but happened to be in the area this weekend, so once I had managed to de-mud myself, we went for Sunday dinner followed by milkshakes, then had good chats over coffee at home. It was lovely to see him, really good for him to spend time with T, and it was also one of those occasions where we realised how happy we are where we live. It was so nice to be able to walk two minutes and have lots of options for things to do, yet also to be able to retreat back to home after and sit in the peaceful sunshine. A lovely weekend all round.

I think that's plenty of wonderfulness for this Wednesday, I feel like I could go on and on, I haven't mentioned photography, or stationery, or free gifts from fabulous companies, but instead, go and read some of the other wonderful posts:

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  1. Aww happy birthday Millie. She looks like such a cutie! More dog photos please!!

    Ah what book was it? Im always on the hunt for new recipes. You should both more photos of Millie AND recipes! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    1. Thanks Lynsey, I can always oblige with more dog photos! The book is Rick Stein's Long Weekend, it's a beautiful one. Check out the Cookery Calendar Challenge posts for more inspiration:


  2. Sounds like you had a good and busy week. You've just reminded me about the cookery calendar challenge, I need to think about which recipes to choose. The teens said I should do a recipe a week, maybe I will, I don't know. I've yet to choose one yet. I'm glad T is settling into a sleep pattern, it's good when they do. You feel like you've got a bit of free time before bed. Parenting can feel at times like you're always on call. It does get easier of course. I used to think - 7:00pm I'm off duty phew! Now the teens at 14 & 17 yrs old are off to bed later. But they don't of course need entertaining. Cathy x

    1. You're right about the on-call, it is nice to get a few hours when I feel like I don't have to be on constant alert, especially now he is crawling and getting into constant mischief! Thanks for visiting and good luck choosing a book x

  3. Mille is SO gorgeous! Dog company and cuddles is life goals :)

    I love impromptu visits especially from people you don't see all that often. It's so easy to fall right back into a conversation as though you just saw them yesterday too.

    S x
    Paper & Lilacs

  4. What a lovely, happy post Katie. Lots of fun and relaxing times. X