Wednesday, January 04, 2017

wonderful wednesday

Having very much enjoyed Michelle's wonderful wednesday posts in 2016 I thought I'd try my hand at joining in with Sally's project. It seems like a good idea to make an effort to take stock of the good stuff so here I go!

Reading: generally just getting round to picking up books for the first time in ages, being on my second since the new year, but particularly my current one, Nobody Told Me by Hollie McNish, a brilliant Christmas gift. I think I'll be telling everyone I meet about it, I'm trying to read it as quickly as possible so I can pass it on to someone and then bend their ear off about it. It is as though someone has written down my every thought about being a new mum in a far more witty and eloquent way than I ever could.

Cooking: or at least planning to. I'm just starting to get back into the habit of cooking again. I figure if we can manage Christmas dinner for seven I can manage to try a few recipes here and there and hopefully I'll be able to join back in with Penny's project again this year after a few months hiatus.

Hardy herbs: on a related note, I found a recipe I wanted to try and realised that the only ingredient I didn't have was parsley. Having long ago planted some herb pots that have been neglected for months I found that the parsley and chives were still alive and happily growing in the corner of the garden. I haven't made the recipe yet but I'm guessing if they've lasted this long they'll make it for a few more days.

Winter sun: the above picture was taken on a walk to the park today. It was a beautiful clear day, and it was lovely to get out in the fresh air with the pram (and the baby too of course!).

Ikea hauls: some people's idea of hell, I realise, but The Husband uttered those magic words "I'm thinking of rearranging the storage in some of the cupboards" and I couldn't get him there quickly enough. Hurrah for compartments and boxes and storage tubs and spice racks for the cupboard door and hangers that hold scarves, ties and belts, and candles, always a packet of candles. I resisted the gigantic bag of Daim bars though that may have been an error in retrospect.

I shall leave it there for my first attempt, but if you would like to visit some of the others (highly recommended) then Sally is the originator of the idea, you can search for #wonderfulwednesday and these lovely folks all post too: Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, Mimmi, Martina, Isabelle.


  1. Welcome to our little group Katie and what a wonderful start. The winter sun is just so beautiful right now and walks are just what we need.
    Have a lovely week
    Kate xx

    1. Hi Kate, thanks so much for visiting, and for the warm welcome! It is so lovely to get out at the moment, perfect New Year weather to blow away the cobwebs! Katie x

  2. Such a beautiful photo, Katie! I love all the goodness that is happening for you right now! xx

    1. Thank you for visiting Grace, I hope you are well x