Sunday, August 14, 2016

word of the week

A fairly alliterative word of the week post, brought to you by the letter W it would seem, although the overriding word has to be waiting. Today brings us to six days after our due date and the baby is still content to stay put. I keep reminding myself that anything up to 42 weeks is normal, but it has been such an odd week, such a strange feeling.

Each night I go to bed wondering if tomorrow will bring news, waking overnight and lying there trying to guess whether anything has changed, whether anything feels different, getting up each morning and accepting that things are just the same. It is hard not to watch every twinge, every tightening, hoping that it might possibly be the start of something. It is hard not to worry, which is generally my way, trying to reassure myself that the baby is safe and not focus on concerns that something might go wrong.

I have been doing lots of walking (and eating pineapple, making increasingly spicy curries, bouncing on a birthing ball, and following midwife advice trying acupressure and aromatherapy oils). We had a trip to the beach yesterday, and I took Millie and some music on a long walk across the fields on Friday (can you spot her in the above picture?!). It is tricky not to succumb to the sense that there is something I could, or should, be doing, and I am trying, but mostly failing, to not get frustrated at the inquiries from people pointing out that the baby has not arrived yet.

It has been wonderful to have my mum so close, to accompany me to appointments, take me out on spontaneous trips when it becomes clear that another empty day stretches ahead, and to give fabulous foot rubs too. Soon enough things will change, although I am trying to adjust to the idea that it may not happen spontaneously! Hopefully, this time next week I will have different news to share, but for now I wait, and wish, and wonder when we will finally meet our baby.

The Reading Residence


  1. Oh I know just how you feel. Both my two were induced at 42 weeks and those last two weeks of waiting were tedious. Don't worry, and try not to be impatient, although of course that's hard, especially with your first. If I may give you a little advice - give in the the waiting and rest as much as you can while you can. Take care lovely. xx

    1. Thank you so much Gillian, can't tell you how reassuring it is to know of other people who went to induction and now have healthy children! It's the worry rather than the waiting that is testing, so your comment is very welcome indeed. Thank you again, and hope you are having a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Ah, the waiting and wondering. It's great that you have your mum near to take your mind off things and keep you relaxed. I remember the frustration with people checking to see whether baby was here yet with my first, and she came a day early, so I can imagine what you're dealing with! This may well be the week, hope all goes well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. I went 2 weeks over with both of our boys so I feel your pain. I was induced the first time, but the second I sat on a birthing ball for a couple of days and went into natural labour, I just wish I had sat on it 2 weeks earlier. Exciting times xx

  4. Oh Katie! This is like reading my own thoughts as I waited for Jacob to be born almost 17 years ago. Every night I went to bed sure I would waken during the night in labour, and it just didn't happen. I was eventually induced, and it was fine, Jacob was healthy and beautiful and wonderful. Your baby will come, and you will be well, and looked after during it all. I echo Gillian's advice, there are some tiring times ahead, so rest up whilst you can. X

  5. hope there'news soon. both mine were 2 weeks late, hang in there xxx

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