Tuesday, March 01, 2016

first things first

The first of March.

The first day working from home for while, followed by a presentation tonight.

The first maternity appointment tomorrow, since my booking appointment. We have reached over 17 weeks now, which sounds quite a lot when I think about it. Tomorrow will be the first routine appointment that The Husband won't be able to come to, so it feels a bit strange. I'm feeling a little nervous tonight, perhaps after the almost weekly scans we ended up having for the first month, it now feels quite a while since any kind of check-up, even though this is the normal wait between appointments! Luckily mum is coming along so I won't be alone, and there is a definitely a bump appearing these days so I'm trying to take that as a reassuring sign.

March brings with it some quieter weekends after all of the excitement of last month, although we do have a friend's 30th party, and a weekend where The Husband's university friends are coming to stay. We hope to use the time to make some first inroads (and maybe last if we are especially productive!) into clearing the bedroom which will become the nursery. It currently has a lot of our accumulated junk, as well as years of work from my time at university. I need to sort through it and will hopefully manage to clear out a lot of it, although I always find it tricky to throw things like that away.

There will also be the first Bank Holiday weekend since New Year, with Easter arriving early this year. It will be a nice break to look forward to, and although the clocks going forward the same weekend will mean we lose an hour, it should also hopefully mean that spring feels well and truly on its way by the time the month is out. That is a lovely thought, particularly as The Husband tells me that snow is forecast overnight! Which also means tonight is the first time in a while that The Husband brought me a hot water bottle up to bed, and I am very grateful indeed!

Last night was the first time I missed The Year in Books twitter chat this year, having arrived home late and forgetting to charge my phone, which is a real shame. However later in the month will be the first chat discussing a specific book, where a number of us have read the same one, so I'm looking forward to joining in with that.

Later in the week I am putting some of birthday gifts to good use and having my first massage in what feels like forever. I am really looking forward to it, and as it is close to where I currently work it will be lovely to be able to head there in the evening and unwind. We also have tickets for a few different things over the next few months, and the first show we are seeing is later this month, it feels good to have some things in the diary to look forward to.

I wish you all a lovely March, may this be the first day of a very pleasant month.


  1. wonderfully exciting firsts. I hope all went well at the appointment x

    1. thank you Tess, the appointment was good, time is flying by now it seems! xx

  2. Hope all goes well at your ante natal appointment X

    1. thank you Penny, the appointment went well happily xx