Saturday, August 16, 2014

a very friendly lion called parsley

As you might recall, I mentioned in this post about hoping to get some jobs done in the garden, and grand ambitions for a miniature herb garden. Well, that weekend, we surpassed all expectations, and got lots of jobs in the garden finished. The furniture was repainted and the wooden arms stained a lovely dark brown. The new barbecue we bought second hand had a fresh paint job and was duly used that evening to sit in our lovely tidy garden for a celebratory meal with my parents. 

We spent the whole day watching grey clouds pass overhead, waiting for rain to stop our work (The Husband may well have been crossing his fingers for a downpour!), but miraculously they blew over every time. Which also meant all of the washing was dried on our new washing line too. It was a wonderfully productive day, and the next weekend we had another meal outside, enjoying the last of the evening sunshine and our lovely new garden.

As part of the bout of productivity that weekend, I found some brilliant ceramic pots on our supermarket shop, and potted up some fresh herbs, for an immediate herb garden. Some internet searching seems to suggest they might not last in the long term, but I have since bought some seeds to add to the pots to try and encourage new growth.

I think the chives are my favourite, and they seem to have survived the potting fairly well, and the mint is holding up too, with a fabulous smell. Basil looks a little beleaguered, and parsley is fading fast. The other problem was that as pretty as the new pots were, they didn't have drainage holes, and so my herbs spent their first few days swimming in sludge.

So, the following weekend, The Husband took his trusty power tools, and we spent a quick fifteen minutes fixing the problem. I gingerly held the pots on their side, whilst The Husband slowly drilled holes into the bases, and Millie ran between us lapping up all of the dirty water that was dripping onto the floor.

Yes, those herbs are arranged alphabetically, but if you have spotted that I figure you are similarly afflicted with a need for order! Whilst we were in getting things done mode, The Husband also repurposed a left over piece of wood from the shed into a little stand, so that the pots could drain properly. I'm very happy with my new little herb garden under the kitchen window, I just need a handy set of secateurs and to start cooking with them now! 


  1. They look so fresh and lovely. A great feeling to have achieved so much in your garden and still have some summer left to enjoy it! X

    1. alas the summer has not been seen since and my little herbs are suffering! I still haven't managed to cook with them either!!